What Makes A Good Ethics And Compliance Program?

Effective Ethics Programs involve everyone -- from the Board room to the mail room. However, designing a world-class program isn't "rocket science".

Learn the top 10 factors that will demonstrate your company's due diligence to government customers, regulators and the Justice Department.
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The Business Imperative

An effective Ethics and Compliance program isn't just a requirement: it's good business! Studies show that companies with strong ethical cultures are more profitable in the long term.

Learn how to protect your reputation and better manage risk by strengthening your company's ethical culture.
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Ethics For Small Business

"I run a small business, and we just can't afford the overhead in Ethics and Compliance like the Fortune 500 companies. How can I protect my business and do the right thing?"

Learn the 7 cost effective ways smaller companies can reduce their risk and meet all government requirements without breaking the bank.
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Let Us Show You How Core Integrity Group Can Add Value And Protect YOUR Organization

Services For Offices of Inspector General

Federal, State, and Municipal

Federal, State and Municipal Inspectors General are more important than ever to the success of our public institutions. Learn how Offices of Inspector General can become even more effective and demonstrate their value to decisionmakers.
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I was impressed with his knowledge and skill. His experience with fraud prevention and detection (especially at the government level) is second to none.
John Gill, Vice President – Education, ACFE