Inspector General Consulting

Declining budgets and taxpayer calls for increased accountability over public funds have put the spotlight on the need for strengthening Offices of Inspector General at the federal, state, and municipal level. Core Integrity Group can provide expert advice to Offices of Inspector General for one reason: we have been there. Our perspectives and capabilities are unique, having operated for over 30 years in federal auditing, investigation, and oversight, in the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Eric Feldman has served as an Assistant Inspector General for Audit, Deputy Inspector, and federal Inspector General, and continues to serve on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Association of Inspectors General.

We can meet the unique requirements of any Office of Inspector General. In addition to general consulting and advisory services, we can help in the areas of:

  • Office of Inspector General Organization,Recruiting, and Staffing
  • Strategic Planning for Offices of Inspector General
  • Collaborative Annual Work Plan Processes
  • Government/Industry Collaboration in Procurement Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Reviews/Assessments of Report Format and Content
  • Agency/Customer Relations
  • Demonstration of Value-Added to Stakeholders
  • Peer Review Preparation
  • Development of Unique IG Work Products
  • Ethics Surveys
  • Legislative Proposals to Strengthen OIGs